It seems like everyone is trying to get customers to buy the new Pixel phones, with Google buying out full-page ads, to T-Mobile offering $325 in bill credit to anyone who registers their Pixel with the carrier. For someone who's willing to spend a little time looking for a good bargain, it's relatively easy to knock off a few hundred bucks off the price of a Pixel.

One of the nicer deals around is Verizon's 20% discount on the retail price of any phone when you use the promo code SAVE20 at checkout. The offer applies to other phones besides the Pixels, though they're likely some the largest savings you'll find in terms of absolute dollars.

Using the code, the regular 32GB Pixel drops $130 from $650 down to $520, and the most expensive 128GB variant of the Pixel XL falls from $870 to just $696 — barely more than the cheapest Pixel.


Head on over to Verizon's online store if you're considering taking advantage of this opportunity, and don't forget to claim your discount with the code SAVE20 before finishing your purchase.