Last weekend, I asked you if you bought a Google Pixel (or ordered one) - about 5,000 of you responded that you had. Interestingly, the most popular model among Android Police readers looks to be the 128GB XL, which is the most expensive Pixel you can buy. Google's financing and availability through Verizon no doubt are the reason for this: by spreading payments over a term of months, you greatly reduce the immediate financial impact of what would otherwise be a nearly thousand-dollar purchase. Outside the US, though, the availability of such things is more limited.

This week, I want to know where and how you bought your Google Pixel. I know the vast majority of AP readers likely did so through the Google Store, but I am interested to know just how much Verizon subscribers have been taking advantage of the latest Google product being available directly through their provider.

So, let's get to it! (There is no option if you did not buy a Pixel - this poll is for only those who did. Don't worry - we'll be back with a non-Pixel-only poll next weekend. Also, for our international readers, I realize the Pixel is being sold by some operators and retailers, but we simply can't list them all.)

Where and how did you buy your Google Pixel?

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