You think you know pinball, right? There are hundreds of variations on the game, thousands of themed layouts to freshen up the experience, and millions of dollars in IAPs to unlock this ball or that theme or that bonus. But PinOut is different, and the first sign is that it comes from the same guys that gave us Smash Hit, Does Not Commute, Granny Smith, and other beautifully and thoughtfully designed games: Mediocre.

Unlike what their name might make you expect, Mediocre's games are fantastic and PinOut is no exception. Somehow, the game is both dark in its environment yet vibrant with its neon colors, both retro in its music and menus yet modern with its 3D graphics and layered platforms. It's also super fast-paced and just enticing to play again and again.

The arcade style, where you progress from board to board, is also different from regular pinball games where your ball doesn't have anywhere else to go but down.

The best news though is that PinOut is free to play and has no ads or annoying cash-grabs everywhere to unlock levels or modes or themes. The only IAP is a reasonable premium upgrade that lets you continue from checkpoints instead of starting back from scratch.

Alternate title: From Mediocre to amazing: PinOut is a pimped out version of Pinball

Developer: Mediocre
Price: Free+