Widgets. What would we do without them, eh? They show us useful information at a glance, most are resizeable, and some even change the way they look on the fly. In light of this, Google has created a partner for its previously lone calendar agenda widget, with a month widget in Calendar version 5.6.2.

This month widget is 4x5, meaning it is taller than it is wide. However, it can be resized right down to 4x4, meaning other items can fit on the same homescreen, although on my Nexus 6P the agenda widget does not fit on the same page as the month widget. It will display the calendars you have enabled in the Calendar app, and the different calendars will show in their respective colors. It is essentially the app's month view, but in widget form.

monthwidgetdefault monthwidgetsmall monthwidgetlarge

Left: Calendar widget, default size (4x5). Middle: 4x4. Right: 5x5.

Many will have been using third party apps for this kind of widget until now, so it's good to see it added to the official Google Calendar app. Calendar v5.6.2 is available on Google Play now, or if you don't want to wait for the roll out to reach you, we have it on our sister site APK Mirror.

The official changelog is now up, detailing a few more changes:

• Month-view widget - See your month at a glance by adding the widget to your home screen.
• (Android Nougat only) Alternate calendars - Add a non-Gregorian calendar–like Lunar, Islamic, or Hindu.
• (G Suite only) Find a time & book a room - Add colleagues as guests to your event and Google Calendar will find the best meeting times & rooms for you.

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