Those of you who switch smartphones often have probably heard of Swappa, an online marketplace that people buy and sell mobile technology on. In the past few months, Swappa has been expanding to offer options to sell devices such as VR headsets, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. Now, for the first time since its launch back in 2010, the site is raising its sales fees.


Alright, alright; technically, if you sell something for under $100, the sales fee is halved to $5, and if you sell something for an amount between $101 and $300, the fee remains the same at $10. However, for anything over $301, the fees begin to take a hike. Sell a Galaxy S7 edge for $450, and Swappa will take $15 of that. Sell a rare fire-prone Galaxy Note7 for $850, and Swappa will take $25. You get the idea.

Other than the reasoning that more expensive devices should command higher fees, this decision isn't exactly justified for consumers. Swappa isn't providing any additional features that make the fee increases "worth it" for sellers and buyers alike. However, the fees are still quite a bit less than competitors' (save for Craigslist's), and the peeps at Swappa do work hard to maintain a safe environment.

These fee adjustments will only go live for listings made after November 1st, so if you have something expensive you'd like to sell, you can save a few bucks by listing it before then.

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