Of the thousands and thousands of apps on the Play Store, very few get updated to meet the latest design trends and guidelines. Some developers take their sweet time, others never bother, thinking that a functional app is all that's needed and design isn't too relevant.

NBC's Android app was neither here nor there. It followed more of a Holo aesthetic, with some more modern elements like the hamburger menu. Now, however, it's taking a leap forward with a major redesign. The Holo-like dark grey and blue tabs are still there, but they're much less flagrant now, the font is changed, and the iconography has been improved throughout. The app feels fresher and snappier to use, but the most important change is beneath the new glossy surface.


New above, old below.

nbc-app-old-1 nbc-app-old-2 nbc-app-old-3

If you're watching something on your phone during a commute or while waiting for the bus, or I don't know, while pretending to work at your desk, the last thing you want is for a commercial to interrupt your viewing. And so the NBC app has reduced those considerably. Bonus: Chromecast support, which was added at the beginning of the year, is now more stable and accessible in various areas of the app.

Check out the changelog and grab the app, if you've previously removed it or never installed it, from the widget below.


* Completely redesigned to make finding your favorite shows easier than ever.
* We heard your feedback and now the NBC app has less commercials!
* Enhanced Chromecast support along with the features you love: your Watchlist, Favorites and the live stream.