Just as several new smartwatches make their debuts on the Google Store, two (and a Chromebook) say their goodbyes. The ASUS ZenWatch 2, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch (great name, right?), and the ASUS Chromebook Flip are now unavailable for purchase from Google's hardware shop; in fact, the links to their listings now automatically redirect to the Android Wear and Chromebook landing pages, respectively.

The ZenWatch 2 and Chromebook Flip are both fairly beloved products. The former is a smartwatch that is great bang for the buck, and the latter has a touchscreen, which makes it great for ChromeOS's new Play Store support. However, the Casio Outdoor Smart Watch has received pretty mediocre reviews, so I doubt many will be sad to see it go.

It's not difficult to understand why the ZenWatch 2 and Chromebook Flip are leaving; the ZenWatch 2's successor, the logically-named ZenWatch 3, has already been announced, and the Chromebook Flip is getting a bit long in the tooth. In contrast, the Casio has only been on the market for around six months. If I had to guess, I'd say that it's a combination of the $500 price tag, huge bezels, and flat tire that is causing its early departure.

If you'd still like to pick a ZenWatch 2, Chromebook Flip, or Casio smartwatch, you can do so from retailers such as Amazon.

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