When Pushbullet adopted a subscription model, some casual users had trouble justifying the cost. Seeing an opportunity, joaoapps released Join. It has many of the same notification and messaging features as Pushbullet, but it only costs $5 for full access. The app has gotten a big update today to v1.0.27. Despite the inauspicious version number, there are a lot of big changes in this one.

Here's the changelog posted by the developer. There's also a handy demo video—I only wish all developers were so considerate.

  • Share your devices with other accounts so they can push stuff to you
  • Remote phone call handling
  • App Shortcuts on Android 7.1
  • Reply to SMS and chat apps remotely on Android Wear
  • Push history now available on the web
  • Remtote lock screen wallpaper setting
  • Vibrations and Priority fields in the Join API

Sharing is probably the biggest addition this time. After enabling the feature, you can share your device to other Join users. That allows them to push content to you. There's even support for Google Nearby for faster sharing when you're in the same physical area. You can also manage calls from your computer using Join now. That includes incoming calls as well as placing calls yourself via your browser.

If you're on Android 7.1 (I know, you probably aren't), Join now has support for app shortcuts (formerly launcher shortcuts). This provides long-press links to send remote text messages to recent contacts. SMS replies are also integrated with Android Wear with custom replies. All the push notifications you run through Join will also be available for review online now.

The new app is live in the Play Store. If you've never used it, you get a 30-day free trial. After that, you'll have to pay $5.

Join by joaoapps
Join by joaoapps
Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free+