You can do a lot of stuff with Tasker - the possibilities are almost endless. Because they were almost endless, developer joaomgcd has gone and filled in the gaps, creating AutoTools, a new Tasker plugin. Joao calls this 'Tasker Plus,' namely because it can do everything Tasker cannot do.

Instead of being a new app, AutoTools hooks into Tasker and extends it, giving the latter new functionality. This is hugely powerful: you can, for example, set dialogs to appear for a reason of your choosing, or change the animation speed with a quick settings tile. OCR - optical image recognition - is also possible here, meaning you can take a picture and have AutoTools automatically add the text in said picture to Google Keep, or Evernote. Or create a pattern for Morse Code with your flashlight. Or make your phone vibrate every minute if there's an important notification that needs attention. Etc. The possibilities are (largely) endless, although I'm sure there'll be someone who finds something that can't be done with AutoTools and Tasker.

The Tasker plugin slogan is 'automate your life.' With AutoTools, it seems as if joaomgcd has finally achieved that in the fullest sense of the phrase. The plugin can be found on Google Play, but it needs Tasker installed as well. There's a 30 day trial available to test it out and see if you like it; if you do, it costs $2.99. Joao has a full guide on how to use AutoTools, plus the forums for more direct help and support from other users.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free+