Cheap and good. In the tech world, finding a device with both those attributes can be difficult. The Moto G4 is one of those rare devices that is both inexpensive and satisfying. Ryan called it the best budget phone you can buy in his review and it's easy to see why – the specs of this device are top-notch for the price. 

As a quick reminder, the Moto G4 sports a 5.5in 1080p screen, 2GB of RAM, 13 and 5mp cameras, expandable storage, and a Snapdragon 617 in the engine compartment. Not bad for a $200 phone. It's even better at $119.99, which is its current price as an Amazon Deal of the Day.

Now, there are a couple of strings attached to the discount. First, this is the Amazon ad-supported version of the phone. As such, you'll have to put up with lock-screen ads. Second, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to be eligible for this offer. The price for non-members is still $149.99. If neither of those strings is strong enough to tie your hands down, then go ahead and proceed to Amazon to purchase a G4. The deal expires at midnight, so think about it, just don't think for too long.