While I personally don't play much Minecraft anymore, it remains one of the most popular games of all time. In fact, it's currently in second place for best-selling game of all time, only bowing to Tetris. Mojang has released yet another Minecraft: Pocket Edition update, titled "The Boss Update."

First up, this update brings official mod support to Pocket Edition in the form of 'Add-ons.' These Add-ons are essentially textures and JSON files, so developing them is extremely easy. You can even share the Add-ons you make with others.

In the actual game, a massive number of features have been brought over from the Java version. The Wither, a powerful mob in the PC game, makes its Pocket Edition debut. There are also Ocean Monuments and Guardians, which can be found deep in your worlds' oceans. A number of new blocks and items are also included in this update.

If you have played the PC game before, you might be excited to learn that slash commands are finally in Pocket Edition, with autocomplete to boot. If you have a Minecraft Realms server, you can now upload and download your world, promote players as operators, and change game modes.

And of course, all of the changes listed here also apply to the Windows 10 Edition of the game. The Windows 10 Edition is available on the Microsoft Store, and if you already own the Java-based PC game, you can get it for free. If you don't have Pocket Edition, you can buy it from the Play Store.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $6.99+