Android Wear deals are pretty abundant nowadays, and the fact that many major OEMs won't be releasing any new AW-powered smartwatches this year makes them even more appealing. Now, you can pick up a leather strap-equipped Huawei Watch refurb from Newegg's eBay store for just $159.99 - that's $40 less than Newegg's usual price for the refurbished Huawei Watch, and a whopping $190 less than the Watch's MSRP.

As someone who owns a Huawei Watch (I picked it up during Prime Day), I can personally attest to its brilliance. The screen is crisp, performance is fluid, the battery sometimes lasts me two days, there's no flat tire, and the speaker occasionally comes in handy. The only real demerit is its Pogo pin charger; oftentimes, I'll need to fiddle with the watch for a few seconds before it finally begins to charge.

If you'd like to grab a Huawei Watch of your own, you'd better hurry; the eBay listing is currently showing that there's only a "limited quantity available." Shipping is free, and since Newegg has warehouses all over the country, it should be quick too.