The LG G5 isn't a terrible phone, but its sales figures would definitely lead you to think otherwise. LG's effort to incorporate "Friends" modules into the G5 caused the phone to fail in a number of aspects. With the recently-released V20, the company ditched the Friends idea, and according to reports coming out of South Korea, it will do the same with the G5's successor, the G6.

This report, which came on the 20th, states that the G6 is expected to have a normal smartphone structure. Several sources have said that products such as boards and audio chips are already being designed with this in mind, and that the G6 will have a number of features new to LG. When asked about the ditching of modules, LG replied that nothing has been confirmed yet.

LG's Friends modules were mostly doomed to fail from the start. Its 360 VR headset is expensive and requires a wire to use, the 360 Cam doesn't produce great photos and isn't cheap either, and the Cam Plus camera grip is a piece of plastic with a tiny battery and some scroll wheels and buttons. The only module that really had a chance was the Bang & Olufsen DAC attachment, and according to David's review of it, even that was pretty useless. (It doesn't help that it was never available for American models, and that it all but disappeared after the G5's hype died away.)

If LG implements the formula of the V20, a pretty great phone, into the G6, it might have a chance of taking back a chunk of the market.