Ah, the iPhone 6 Plus. Not only was it Apple's first phablet, but after many owners realized that their shiny, huge new iPhones were bending in their pockets, it also became the phone that truly introduced bend tests to the world.

YouTuber Zack from JerryRigEverything performs durability tests on almost every flagship smartphone that gets globally released, and when the world saw him do one (and then another) on a Nexus 6P, it was shocked at the Huawei-built device's seemingly twig-like snapping. Now, Zack has posted a video of himself testing the Google Pixel's durability, and its performance in this arena is definitely more impressive than last year's Google flagship's.

After opening with a clever line and unboxing a Really Blue Pixel, Zack gets right into the durability tests. Highlights include an earpiece made of cloth (most are plastic or metal), a fingerprint sensor that scratches easily but still works after even deep damage, and an aluminum back that is more resistant to scratches than the iPhone's.

When he gets to the bend test, the phone doesn't flex at all when its screen is pushed, and barely budges when the back gets pressure applied. Keep in mind that this Pixel was subject to the same scratched glass and burn test that the Nexus 6P was, yet it still barely moves when Zack (a pretty strong dude) tries to bend it. This is some grade-A build quality.

Check out the video if you're brave enough to see a rare Really Blue Pixel tortured. For reference, here's Zack's first Nexus 6P durability video and here's the follow-up he made when people said that it was only weak because of the scratch and burn test he'd done to the 6P prior to the bend test.