With prices starting from $649, the new Pixel phones definitely can't be considered inexpensive, and fixing or replacing a cracked screen or rear glass panel could cost a decent bit of change. To protect your shiny new investment, why not grab a high quality case? Spigen, one of the most reputable case manufacturers, is offering its Rugged Armor case for the Pixel and Pixel XL at just $12.99 and $13.99, respectively, via eBay's Daily Deals.

As someone who's used Spigen's Rugged Armor line of cases in the past, I can personally vouch for their quality. While the carbon fiber may not be real, the case's unique and comfortable feel, accurate cutouts, and tactile buttons more than make up for that. I think the design looks especially nice on the Pixels.

The Rugged Armor is just $12.99 for the Pixel and $13.99 for the XL on the company's eBay store. That's quite a bit less than the $19.99 Spigen's own website is charging for both variations, and the $15.99 and $22.99 Spigen's Amazon storefront is asking for the Pixel and Pixel XL cases, respectively. USPS First Class shipping is free for US addresses. Since this is a Daily Deal, you may want to act quickly if you're interested.

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