It's a big day for Nougat-powered Android on Verizon. Starting today, you can mosey into your local Verizon store and buy a Pixel or a V20. The V20 is available through a few channels, but this is the only place you can go in the real world to get a Pixel.

The Pixels sold by Verizon are the same as the Google phones, except the bootloader is locked. They're still carrier unlocked and will apparently get updates at the same time. The pricing on Verizon looks the same as the Google Store as well. If nothing else, it might be a chance to try a Pixel in real life. Verizon will also let you order the Really Blue Pixel, which has been out of stock on the Google Store since shortly after launch. It won't ship until November 18th, though.

As for the V20, it's priced at $672, just a little more than the small Pixel. It runs Nougat as well, but only 7.0 instead of 7.1. Most of the big changes came in 7.0 anyway. You get split-screen apps, better doze mode, and so on. The update situation won't be as good as the Pixels, but the V20 is not without its appeal.