There are three members of the Motorola Moto Z family, and the cheapest one is undeniably the best overall device. The Moto Z Play launched first as a Verizon exclusive, and now it's available as an unlocked phone with full support for AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GSM networks.

The Moto Z Play has the same footprint as the Z and Z Force, but the AMOLED screen is 5.5-inches and 1080p. The battery is also huge for a phone of this size with 3510mAh of juice. It has the best battery life of any phone I've used in recent memory. This is helped by the less power-hungry Snapdragon 625 SoC. Of course, it has support for the Moto Mods. I don't know that any of them are worth the cost, but if you're going to buy one, at least the Moto Z Play is the most reasonably priced of the three phone options.

Just like with the Z and Z Force, the unlocked Z Play is a little more expensive than the Droid edition. It's $449.99 via Amazon, B&H, and Best Buy. It's still a pre-order on Motorola's site, but you can add more covers and Mods to the order there. Also remember this phone works on GMS networks only—probably another concession to Verizon.