Even though most devices some with at least 32GB of space these days, there are still plenty of times you run low and need to clear out some junk. In the Android 7.1 dev preview, there's a new storage cleaner that makes it easy to find the old stuff without all that tedious digging around in file managers. It can even automate the process.

The storage cleaner (or Smart Storage) is accessible from the storage menu in menu > Free up space. There are three sections in this interface—one for photos and videos older than 30 days, downloads, and apps that haven't been used in 90 days. It does not have one of those inadvisable cache cleaner things that other device makers are so keen on lately.

Once you've made your selections, the bottom of the cleaner UI tells you how much space you will reclaim, and you can tap the button to proceed. You will also be offered the option of having Smart Storage delete old photos and videos from your device after they've been backed up. This is the same interface present on the Pixel, so it looks like all devices will be getting this little bonus.