People have been asking Google for years to put a restart button into the power menu of Nexus devices. It's a feature most OEMs have been putting on their phones and tablets since the beginning. After first getting a good hint the restart option would appear on the Pixel phones, and actually seeing it appear in a shipping version, many people were left wondering if it would make the transition to older Nexus devices (at least those receiving Android 7.1). The answer appears to be an emphatic yes.


Android 7.1 Developer Preview 1 adds a number of cool new things, some of which we'll be exploring in subsequent posts, but this one is all about the power menu. You know the drill, hold down the power button for a couple of seconds and you'll see the brand new Restart option directly below Power off.

It's worth a quick acknowledgement that these are developer previews and nothing is set in stone, but the likelihood Google is going to tease people with a restart button and pull it back out is pretty low – and it may lead to a mutiny – so let's just assume it's here to stay. Okay?

You can grab the developer preview either in factory image form or let it update as an OTA by registering devices in the preview program. At this time, only the Pixel C, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P are eligible.