One of the most useful features of Android N is the improved notifications handling: notifications coming from the same app are bundled together and can be unbundled and dealt with individually, and there's direct reply support to quickly answer a message without opening the app.

Not a lot of apps have added support for both of these features, but now Yahoo Mail is joining this elite group. Thanks to a new update, Yahoo's mailing app lets you send direct replies to emails from the notification, and it bundles notifications together for less redundancy and clutter in the drop-down.


There's also support for Android N's multi-window view so you can check your email and browse the web or chat with others or even watch YouTube simultaneously. And finally the update also improves the location of the account settings icon. Here's the official changelog followed by a link to grab the app from the Play Store.


New updates for Android Nougat users:
- Directly reply to a message from a push notification.
- Quickly view and dismiss bundled notifications or act on each notification individually, all without opening the app.
- Multitask with multi-window view - use Yahoo Mail side-by-side with other apps.
Update for all users:
- New location for settings – directly access all your account settings from the upper left navigation bar.

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free+