Vudu, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the company, is a digital movie provider owned by Walmart. It's been around for quite some time serving up movie rentals, purchases, and digital redemptions. T-Mobile customers should all be quite familiar with the service by now as a free digital rental has been included almost every other week as part of the T-Mobile Tuesday promotion.

Today, Vudu announced a new service called Vudu Movies On Us. Essentially, it's a service that lets you watch movies and TV shows for free, albeit with a few ads sprinkled in (think Crackle). Now, not all titles in Vudu's library are supported, but there are several thousand movies and TV shows that are available to watch. I took a look through the list and was pleasantly surprised to find many titles I recognized and even happier to realize that there are several good enough that I would actually like to watch them. School of Rock, True Grit, The Phantom Of The Opera, flippin' All Dogs Go To Heaven!? Heck yes, this is awesome (love me some Don Bluth)!

Here's a sample of the movies available at launch.

vudu-free-movies-1 vudu-free-movies free-movies-3

The service is available on any platform that can download one of Vudu's applications, including Android and Android TV (apparently the Android TV app is still in the works). The only requirement is that you create a Vudu account, which is completely free. All titles that are part of the service will stream at Full HD, internet speed permitting. Unlike movies that are purchased or rented from Vudu, Movies On Us titles cannot be downloaded for offline viewing.

That's it guys, there are no strings, contracts, or catches. That means this deal earns a solid A+ in my book – I'm perfectly fine watching some Old Spice and GEICO ads in exchange for a free movie night. Sound good to you? Then follow the link below to try out the service for yourself, it's already live.