Sprint has been trying to stop the slow bleed of customers moving to other carriers with some attractive deals, including an "unlimited" plan aimed squarely at T-Mobile. Now, Sprint has an "unlimited" tablet plan. I'm using quotation marks here because calling them unlimited doesn't get the point across. The new plan has unlimited data, but the speeds are throttled. But hey, it's only $20 per month.

This plan is available only to those who have a phone line with Sprint, buy a tablet from Sprint, and enroll in auto-pay. For that $20 per month, you get sort of unlimited data. As with Sprint's Unlimited Freedom phone plan, video is limited to 480p, music tops out at 500kbps, and games stream at only 2Mbps. If you need to watch a ton of video and don't care about the quality, this might be appealing to you.

There's also an upgrade to this plan for an extra $20—a doubling of the price, by the way. You would think this gets you truly unlimited data, but you'd be wrong. The $40 version of this plan lifts the ceiling to 1080p video, 1.5Mbps audio, and 8Mbps for games.

This sort of tiered throttling leaves a bad taste in my mouth (just sell unlimited data or don't), but maybe some people will see value in it. You can get the new tablet plan starting today.