Google started offering live cases back in the Nexus 6 era, but the product was more fleshed out earlier this year with support for the Nexus 6, 5X, and 6P. Now, you can order Live Cases for the Pixel in addition to the last-gen Nexus phones, including the stunning Artwork Live Cases.

You have your choice of photo, location, and artwork cases. The places case creates a stylized Google Maps image of a location. Photos lets you choose your own photo for the case. Artwork cases come in a few dozen varieties designed by artists (and astronaut Chris Hadfield). Simply pick the image you want and adjust the zoom and effects (for photos and places). You'll have a chance to preview the final product before ordering.

Live Cases will run you $40, and shipping for the Pixel versions will take a while. Depending on what you choose, the estimated delivery date will be some time in early November. Express shipping is not available.