The V20's a nice phone, but its 5.7-inch screen, combined with the secondary display up top, can make it a bit unwieldy to hold for those of you with smaller hands. Well, LG's got a solution for you - the oddly-named isai Beat (LGV34), a phone with most of the V20's features, a 5.2-inch display, and water resistance. However, if you don't live in Japan, you might have a hard time getting your hands on one of these.

Both inside and out, the Beat (I'm just gonna call it that for the sake of simplicity) is almost a "V20 mini." It's got the same metal design, the same (obviously slightly more miniature) second screen, the same Snapdragon 820, the same 4GB of RAM, the same 16MP + 8MP wide-angle camera setup, the same ESS DAC (and B&O Play branding that some V20s have), the same USB Type-C port, the same fingerprint scanner, and the same Android 7.0 Nougat.

large_005 large_006

However, the V20 and the Beat have a few noteworthy differences. Perhaps the most noticeable one is the Beat's smaller 5.2" display, which should make it a lot more appealing to those of you who don't want a massive phone; it is still 1440p, though. Less massive phones tend to have smaller batteries, and that proves true here: the Beat has a 3000mAh non-removable battery. That's only 200mAh less than the V20's, but the fact that it can't be swapped will surely disappoint some people.

large_001 large_002

The Beat also comes with "only" 32GB standard (half as much as the V20), but it still has a microSD slot. The most interesting addition, I think, is IP65/67 water and dust resistance; the fact that the battery can't be removed definitely helped with this decision, but it's odd to see a smaller, decidedly less premium version of the V20 come equipped with something its big brother doesn't have. There's also a new gold color.

LG isn't new to this practice of re-bodying flagships; last year's vivid (LGV32) had exactly the same specs as the G4, save for the addition of IP65/67 water and dust resistance; it did, however, have a removable battery. It's unfortunate to see this feature go with this generation.

The guys at BUZ ZAP have a hands-on with some pictures and a few videos, so if this phone appeals to you, you may want to check those out. Don't get too attached, though; as previously mentioned, this phone, for the time being at least, is only for Japan.

The LG isai Beat will be available for an unspecified price in mid-November. Did I mention that it's Japan-only?