Back in June, Qualcomm filed a patent complaint in China against Chinese phone manufacturer Meizu. They had claimed that Meizu used several of Qualcomm's patents related to 3G and 4G communications without licensing them. Qualcomm claimed they tried to enter negotiations with Meizu before taking legal action, but were not able to reach an agreement.

Now the situation has gone from bad to worse. Qualcomm is now filing additional actions against Meizu in Germany, France, and the United States. Since Meizu sells its devices in these (and other) countries, this opens them up to legal action outside of China. The VP of Qualcomm, Don Rosenburg, had this to say:

“Meizu’s refusal to negotiate a license agreement in good faith and its sales and distribution of infringing products around the world leave Qualcomm with no choice but to protect our patent rights through these additional legal proceedings.”

I imagine Qualcomm will have more luck with legal action outside of China, placing Meizu in serious trouble.