Those brave foolish few who have been determined to keep their Galaxy Note7s after the device was recalled a second time might want to think again. Bloomberg is reporting that the Note7 is heading for a full ban on all US flights. That means it's no longer simply a matter of not using the Note7 on a flight, it's illegal to have one at all.

The ban will reportedly come from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration. It could be announced as soon as today. Previously, airlines were asking passengers not to turn on or use the Note7 in the wake of repeated battery fires. The FAA eventually mandated that passengers could not turn on or charge the Note7 on flights, nor put it in checked luggage.

If this report by Bloomberg is right (and we have no reason to doubt it), you won't be allowed to take a Note7 on an airplane at all in the US. That makes it tougher to keep the Note7, unless you never fly anywhere. As if you really needed another reason to return the phone.

It's official

The US Department of Transportation has confirmed the ban. The Galaxy Note7 is now considered hazardous material. Attempting to sneak one on a flight is a criminal offense.