Ever since its introduction many, many moons ago, Material Design was promised as an adaptable design language that's suited for our modern web: it works across platforms, it feels vibrant and responsive, and it brings layers and a sense of real interactions with something as static as a flat mobile or desktop screen. But even Google hasn't been diligent about implementing Material Design in its own sites. Contacts and Google+ are perhaps the most prominent two that got the makeover, but other entities still lag behind. (Like Calendar... Why?!)

Today, however, is a happy day for MD lovers who also happen to manage sites or ads — ie, probably not many of our readers. Both AdSense and Analytics' sites are getting the coveted Material overhaul with better use of space, streamlined navigation, smarter page organization, and more. (Note: "more" does not include Calendar.)


Above is what AdSense's home looks like if you opt in to check the new look, and below is Analytics' new view switcher. (Don't let those dates in the graph below fool you, that's not a calendar.)


Both site redesigns will start rolling over the next couple of weeks, though you'll need to opt in to AdSense when it offers you the option. (But to be perfectly clear, you can't opt in to Calendar.)