You might know Spry Fox from its bear-themed games Alphabear and Bushido Bear. The new Road Less Traveled isn't about bears, but admittedly there are some bears in it. Instead, it's about a ranger whose task it is to rescue foolish children who are constantly getting trapped by blizzards.

Road Not Taken is a puzzle game, but it doesn't play like any other puzzler I can recall. Your goal is to find all the lost children in the randomly generated levels, but to do so you'll have to move objects around with your magic staff. After clearing the way, the aforementioned foolish children can be transported back to their parents, who are just hanging out around the level. The catch is that moving objects with your staff uses energy, and some areas of the levels are very crowded. You have to move everything out of the way and get the kids before you're out of juice.

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This is a top-down game, and it has the same cute style we've seen in other spry Fox games. It's available as an "unreleased" beta in the Play Store. So, there may be some bugs or unpolished areas remaining. It's a $4.99 title, but there are no in-app purchases. That's only a third of the price on Steam, where the game has "very positive" reviews.

Road Not Taken
Road Not Taken
Developer: Spry Fox LLC
Price: $4.99