The original Pebble predates Android Wear, and since the first model, the Pebble line has continued to improve and develop. One of their newest watches, the Pebble Time Round, has dropped in price significantly on Amazon. It's now only $113 for the Silver model on Amazon, almost half off from its original price of $199.

The Time Round has many of the features of their Pebble Time wearable, with the notable exception of having a circular screen. The watch has an always-on color e-paper display, giving it an estimated battery life of two days. It also has a step and sleep tracker, downloadable watchfaces, and of course the massive library of Pebble applications.

The Pebble Time Round can connect to your phone to view notifications, as well as reply via voice where supported (such as text messages). It obviously doesn't have the Google Now voice capabilities that Android Wear models include, but I've been told I look like a crazy person asking my watch questions.