Following two days of non-stop news on carriers halting sales, reports of Samsung temporarily stopping production, and official partners disabling apps on the device, the only piece of news that could conceivably be next has arrived: Samsung will permanently discontinue production and sales of the Note7 worldwide, with filings made to regulators in South Korea.

The Note7 fallout has deeply damaged Samsung's brand, so it is no surprise to see the company make this decision. This is in light of multiple 'safe' replacement handsets also catching fire, just like the originals, 2.5 million of which were recalled. Samsung is known for its expertise in manufacturing - it originally said the fires were due to a faulty battery component from a manufacturer - so this botched device will have repercussions for some time. Shares in Samsung fell 8% on Tuesday according to Bloomberg, which is equivalent to $17 billion in market value. All four major US carriers announced previously that they would stop sales of the Note7, and multiple regulatory bodies from various countries have pressed Samsung to do the same.

In the months to come, Samsung will have to think long and hard about how to repair this situation. That won't be a quick job, and it won't be easy either. The public will be wary of any Samsung device going forward, and that will itself damage the brand further. It's going to be a long road ahead.