There was a time back in 2000 when I loved playing FIFA on my computer. I'd mastered the art of the keystrokes so it was quite easy for me to win any length of match against any opponent on any level of difficulty. But as time passed and I got more busy with school and work, I didn't have enough time to learn the new tricks and options of new versions of FIFA and I fell behind. Now, I can't have my player run for 2 seconds without being tackled by someone on the opposite team. Oh well...

If you're better than me at playing FIFA or you have enough time to learn how to coordinate a corner kick with a header shot, you're in luck. EA's FIFA Mobile Soccer is out on the Play Store, finally. The game has been in "soft launch" since September, judging by the first time it was uploaded to our APK Mirror sister site. And going by the more than hundreds thousands downloads (on the different versions of APKs), it's a popular title.

You can build and manage a team, or grab one from the 650 real teams from 30+ worldwide leagues, and enjoy the 17000 real players. I'm tempted to download the game just so I can be Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a few seconds. (I know no one can be Zlatan but Zlatan himself, but let me dream.)

There are daily live events, an Attack Mode with new controls and short plays, and "Leagues," a new social element where you can join other teams, play against others, and get trophies.

The game is free on the Play Store and in typical EA fashion, there are IAPs reaching $99.99. Keep in mind though that some users are suffering from hang-ups at launch, so this may not be a smooth experience from the first go.

FIFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer
Price: Free+