After AT&T and T-Mobile confirmed they are both halting Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales, and reports claiming Samsung is temporarily halting production of the device, Verizon has followed suit and halted its selling of the handset as well. The phones - both original and replacement models - can still be exchanged for something less, um, likely to explode, though.

This follows after it was claimed a replacement Note7 - i.e. the one that should have been fixed - caught fire shortly before takeoff on a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Baltimore. With reports of other replacement Note7 phones exploding seemingly coming in daily, it seems like a wise decision for Verizon to halt sales, along with AT&T and T-Mobile. It remains to be seen what Sprint are going to do - for its part, the company says it is working with Samsung to “better understand the most recent concerns.”

All this is turning into an unmitigated disaster for Samsung - the biggest Android phone manufacturer and, so far, the only company that has been truly able to take the fight to Apple, faced with exploding devices and no doubt a PR nightmare. On top of this, David wrote an editorial Saturday that recommended consumers do not buy the phone, and to return yours if you have not already. If you hadn't yet noticed, this is probably good advice - that said, it is getting increasingly difficult to buy a Note7 at the present time.

Following Verizon yesterday, Sprint and Best Buy have also announced that they are to halt sales of the Note7. Like Verizon, Sprint will also allow customers to exchange either original or replacement devices for another handset, as will Best Buy. For more information, including statements from both companies, head over to The Verge's article on the matter.