The latest mobile Humble Bundle is available, and that means now is your chance to get a bunch of great games for next to nothing. The bundle currently includes seven games, and as usual, more will be added in a week.

There are three tiers in the 21st Humble Mobile Bundle. If you pay $1 or more, you get Westport Independent, _PRISM, and Sage Solitaire. The next level unlocks if you pay above the average price at the time of purchase (currently $4.80). That one comes with Ghosts of Memories and Door Kickers. This tier is also where the additional games will be added. Lastly, there's the $6 or more level that includes Goat Simulator and Twofold Inc.

You can choose how much of your purchase price goes to charity, developers, and Humble Bundle. The bundle will be live for two weeks. The games that are added in a week will be available for anyone who purchases beforehand, provided you have unlocked the middle tier.