Google Screen Search, formally known as Google Now on Tap, is a feature I don't use often - but it's incredibly helpful when I need it. If you're unfamiliar, it provides information to you based on the text on your screen, and works on any Android 6.0+ device with the Google app. For example, a few days ago I received a text message confirming an appointment, and Screen Search created a calendar event from the message contents.

But now one of Screen Search's most helpful features, the ability to take screenshots, has been removed. Although I still have it on my Nexus 5X, Artem and many others on Reddit are reporting it missing.

The screenshot button was much better than Android's built-in screenshot functionality. Not only does Screen Search strip out everything in your notification tray from the image, it also immediately opens the Share menu. Screen Search also deletes the screenshot after sharing, so you don't end up with a massive Screenshots folder.

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  • Arunkumar

Some users, including our own Artem, have reported that the Google app 6.6 update brings back the button. The update is currently in beta, so you will need to grab it from APKMirror or sign up for the beta program. After updating, it might take a few minutes for it to show up again. Google sure does work in mysterious ways.

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