By now, you've seen dozens of demos of Google Home, but none, and I repeat absolutely none, is as adorable or as convincing as this 4-year-old boy talking to Google like she's his best buddy. I can't imagine the number of times his preschool teachers' eyes rolled when he talked about Google as if she was a close friend of his who answers all his questions and plays his favorite music.

But without getting ahead of ourselves, you'll see hear the boy turn on the living room lights at first, then launch into a series of "Okay Googeeelll" questions with the super precise enunciation that you expect of a 4-year-old (read: nah). He gets a few easy questions in like, "Who invented the iPad?" and "What day is today?" then it's fascinating watching him rephrase his question from, "Where was eggs from?" to "Where was eggs come from?" to "Who made eggs?" to get an answer, and it's even more hilarious when he gets frustrated with Google, repeating "Okay Googeeelll, Okay Googeeelll, Okay Googeeelll."

The best parts though are his quips back at Google for not answering his eggs question, "I thought that was easy," and then for giving him a lengthy recipe, "Oh my goodness that's long." The one question that got me was the last one, "Play The Weekend Whip." I'd never heard of that particular song and I couldn't guess what he was saying after weekend, so I had to Shazam it to know what it was. It's very impressive to see Google Home pick up his pronunciation so easily and effortlessly.

Alright, without more blabber, here's the most adorable demo of Google Home so far:

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