It's been a terrible year for Samsung's Galaxy Note line - ironic, considering how widely praised the Note7 has been. It's bad enough that around a hundred units of the phablet have caught on fire and nearly all of them were recalled, but the fact that a revised unit managed to make flames on an airplane made the whole situation even worse. Now, following all four major US carriers' promises to allow customers to swap their Note7s for any other phone they carry, there have been reports that AT&T wants to cancel sales of the flagship.

A source at AT&T familiar with the situation told Bloomberg that AT&T is considering canceling sales altogether for the Note7, and that a decision would likely be made on Friday. Although this action can be somewhat justified, it would still be a huge blow for Samsung; after all, the Galaxy Note7 is a huge seller, and AT&T is one of the biggest carriers the Korean company does business with.

Bloomberg requested more information from an AT&T spokesman, but he declined to comment. We also reached out to AT&T, but our spokesman didn't have anything to share either. We'll see what happens on Friday.