Sprint is the latest carrier to announce launch details on the LG V20, following both AT&T and T-Mobile. The phone will be available on October 28th, but pre-orders start one week earlier. Pricing isn't clear, but Sprint promises some special trade-in deals and free stuff if you buy a V20.

AT&T is the only carrier to announce pricing so far, and it's pretty high at $830. Sprint doesn't mention pricing, but does note you can get a guaranteed $200 trade-in credit for an old phone when you buy the V20. Trading in an old phone also gets you a free pair of Bang & Olufsen H3 earphones.

Hopefully AT&T's super-high price won't be the standard for this phone. If LG is going to come back from the mediocre G5, the pricing has to be attractive. Otherwise, people will just buy the Pixel.