While I enjoy working out, I will admit that going without my favorite music makes it much more difficult — especially with cardio. For me, good music equals gains. Equally important, though, is keeping track of progress, but that can often require switching between two or three apps. That is, unless you go old-school and carry a notebook.

Starting today, users of Runtastic will be able to access curated playlists from Play Music directly within the fitness app. These span a wide variety of genres and styles for any mood or physical activity. Control of the music is integrated directly into the Runtastic app, in the obvious "Music" section.

Finally, Google is offering all users of Runtastic, on iOS and Android, free trials of Play Music for custom playlist creation and ad-free streaming. There is not any mention in the announcement of how long the trial is.

This sounds great for all of you who use both of these apps for your workouts. It's even tempting enough for me to re-download Runtastic (it's been a few years) to give this a go when I hit the gym today.