Well, LeEco's big October 19th US launch event seems to have been spoiled: what looks like the vast majority of its launch lineup just showed up on LeEco's website. The company appears to be prepping the storefront for the launch, but in the process revealed basically everything, including some prices, that it intends to announce on the 19th. Here's a list of those products.

The Le Max2 smartphone was announced back in April of this year, featuring a 5.7" Quad HD display, 21MP camera, 4GB or 6GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 3100mAh battery, Android 6.0, fingerprint scanner, and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It's not clear if $349 is the starting price ($289 after discount) for the 4GB/32GB model. Internationally, the Le Max2 is available all the way up to a 6GB model with 128GB of storage.


The second phone is the Le S3, which actually appears, spec for spec, just to be a renamed LeEco Le 2. It has a Snapdragon 652 processor, 3000mAh battery, 5.5" Full HD display, Quick Charge 3.0, a 16MP rear camera, a fingerprint scanner, and Android 6.0. Notable, neither the Le Max2 or S3 offer headphone jacks, but the international Le Max2 and Le2 both included USB to 3.5mm adapters in the box. The price for the Le S3 is listed as $169 on discount, but this may be a placeholder. The standard MSRP appears to be $299, with a "60 UP2U" savings applied. A $60 discount would amount to a final price of $239, of course, so we're not sure why the site shows $169. We likely won't really know until the event on the 19th.


Finally, a placeholder image at the bottom suggests some kind of addition can be made to your purchase for $79, possibly an accidental damage plan?


LeEco's site also shows a range of televisions, but most of the prices are clearly placeholders. Only the Super4 X55, listed at $799, appears at all plausible, so we'll likely get a much clearer picture of how that's going to play out in a couple of weeks. Interestingly, it does appear LeEco plans to sell LeEco-branded televisions in the US, then, despite just having purchased Vizio. That seems utterly bizarre. All of the TV models are 4K resolution, and did I mention they all run Android TV now? LeEco is switching to Android TV, at least for its US products.


You can also see a host of LeEco apps on there - a "LIVE" app, a "Le" app, Levidi, LeZone, MyLeEco. Clearly LeEco wants to load up these TVs with their services.

So, now you have a pretty good idea what to expect from LeEco on the 19th. Are you excited? Confused? Intrigued?