Google's new charger designed to work with its Pixel smartphones is now available on the US Google Store for $35. That's certainly a pretty penny for a power brick, so what are you actually getting here? Well, this Google-branded charger is designed specifically for use with its Pixel phones, but will work with any compatible USB-C device. It delivers up to 18W of power (up from 15W for last year's Nexuses) with the USB Power Delivery specification, and includes a 1.8m (nearly six feet) USB-C to USB-C cable. The cable itself, it's worth noting, is USB 2.0 specification, not 3.0.

Why get this instead of another USB-C or traditional Type A charger? Well, Google's marketing and selling it, and I would guess they had a hand in designing it. With all the issues around USB-C compatibility and charging specifications right now, you can probably be pretty confident Google made sure they did everything right with this brick. Their older two-port USB charger is supposedly one of the best-designed products from a technical perspective on the market. Hopefully this new 18W adapter lives up to those standards.