OUYA may have been a bust as an Android-powered game console, but after being sold to Razer and focusing on software, it has cultivated an impressive specialization for local multiplayer. The publisher's latest release for Android TV is Gurgamoth, a 4-player 2D brawler that landed on Steam back in February. It's available on the Play Store now for five bucks with no in-app purchases.

In Gurgamoth players take on the role of a "cultist," a floating acolyte of an ancient Lovecraftian evil, and each one is trying to beat the crap out of one to three others. Players of multiplayer fighting games like Smash Bros and Power Stone should be intrigued, but Gurgamoth is much simpler than a conventional fighter: each player gets only three moves, attack, dash, and dodge. The objective is to knock out your opponents by slamming them into the edge of the screen, impaling them on spikes, zappers, or buzz saws and knocking them out of the round. The first player to be the last one standing three times in a row "summons Gurgamoth" with the sacrifices of the battlefield.

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The game is lightning fast, but relies on positioning and timing more than pure twitch reflexes. Skilled players can perform a quick reversal stun if they're out of dash, but semi-random powerups can shift the flow of a round quickly. Rounds only last a few seconds each, making Gurgamoth an ideal party game for big groups. A few alternative modes keep things interesting once you've mastered the standard brawl, and a one-player mode offers some practice against bots.

The Play Store listing shows as compatible with the Nexus Player and the SHIELD, so it will probably work with other Android TV models as well, though all players need a connected controller.

Developer: OUYA Global
Price: $5.99