Motorola picked a pretty busy day to release its list of phones that are slated to be upgraded to Android 7.0 - make of that what you will. After previously confirming that the new Moto Z , Moto Z Droid, and Moto G4 lines would be upgraded to Nougat "starting in Q4," a more complete list was published to the company blog today. The list is fairly predictable, with some notable exceptions.

Here's the list in full:

    • Moto G (4th Gen)
    • Moto G Plus (4th Gen)
    • Moto G Play (4th Gen)
    • Moto X Pure Edition (3rd Gen)
    • Moto X Style
    • Moto X Play
    • Moto X Force
    • Droid Turbo 2
    • Droid Maxx 2
    • Moto Z
    • Moto Z Droid
    • Moto Z Force Droid
    • Moto Z Play
    • Moto Z Play Droid
    • Nexus 6

Disregarding the Nexus 6, which Google updates itself (just yesterday), all of the phones above are from 2015 or later. Notably absent from the list is anything in the Moto E line... which isn't really a surprise. It's still pretty disheartening that the 2016 version of the Moto E (AKA the Moto E3), which launched in the UK to little fanfare last month, has apparently been abandoned for major updates almost immediately. Perhaps it's been omitted because it isn't a US product, but the presence of both the Moto X Style and the Moto X Pure Edition would seem to negate that.

The 2015 version of the Moto G is a no-show as well. There's also no mention of the Amazon flavors of the G4 and G4 Plus, though I'll assume they'll be updated once Amazon tweaks the software a bit to include its advertising.

Specific timeframes are not available. Based on update speed over the last year, and the fact that Lenovo has Motorola running on a skeleton crew compared to what it once was, I'd estimate that some of these updates will take quite a while to arrive.