If you're a tech enthusiast (hint: you probably are if you're reading this site), I can personally guarantee that you either love HBO's Silicon Valley already or will love it when you watch it. Evidently, the peeps at Google had the same thought as me, given that they worked together with two of the show's actors to produce this little short that they played at the start of the event.

Essentially, Silicon Valley details the lives of a group of programmers who start a company called Pied Piper (I know, fantastic name). In the video, Dinesh (played by Kumail Nanjiani) is waiting anxiously for the Google event's video stream to begin when Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) walks in. Dinesh asks Gilfoyle if he'll be watching the keynote, to which Gilfoyle responds that he won't because he's in the beta and already knows what the event will discuss. This then leads to... you know what? Just watch the video; it's only two minutes long.

If you weren't already hooked on Silicon Valley, this should encourage you to at least check it out; it's a seriously awesome show.