Leaks often happen right up to the last minute when a big announcement is happening, and today is no exception. Canadian carrier Rogers has posted on Facebook that the Pixel and Pixel XL are launching on October 20th. That's Canada, but I'd wager on the US date being the same. Will you be able to survive a few more weeks?

The sponsored post was probably not supposed to be let loose until after the announcement, but it's not really particularly egregious as far as leaks go. Rogers is offering 2GB of bonus data, $50 in Google Play credit, and a free Chromecast when you buy a Pixel. We believe Verizon will sell the Pixel in the US, but it might not be available directly from the others.

Keep in mind, this is a Canadian carrier—it's possible there will be some differences in the launch data. And don't put your credit card away just because the phone won't be on sale right away. There might be pre-orders available today, as the post indicates. Just another hour and we'll finally know.