As Cody found in his teardown of Google Photos v1.21 back in March, and Carphone Warehouse listed in its 'gone-live-early' promotion page, Google has announced free, unlimited photo storage for anyone who buys a new Google Pixel phone. This means any photos you take will be backed up to Photos at the original size, and not the "high quality" size that is uploaded by default. That's not all: 4K videos, which the Pixel phones can shoot, are also supported with unlimited storage and no quality decrease.

It's not clear how long this will last - if it's forever or for two years, like the 100GB of Google Drive storage is when bought with a Chromebook. Either way, it's a pretty good deal - Google says it expects people to take a lot of photos with the phones. The camera on both is a 12.3-megapixel, Sony sensor that, by all accounts, takes pretty good photos - DxOMark gave it a score of 89, which is the best it's ever given a smartphone. That doesn't mean the camera is the best per se, but it surely means it's at least up there with the best.

When you receive your brand spanking new Pixel and log in with your Google account, the Photos promotion should automatically start. From there, you can get snapping without ever having to worry about storage space.