It can be hard to keep track of what's new and old in WhatsApp thanks in part to the beta program that's always testing a ton of stuff. This time, WhatsApp was good enough to make a blog post announcing some of the camera features we saw in a recent beta are official now. Starting today, Android users will be able to doddle on pictures, use their screen as a flash, and more.

The headlining changes include the ability to add stickers and drawings to both photos and videos taken in WhatsApp. Regular text is an option too. When taking photos with the front-facing camera, you'll be able to fake a flash by using the screen to reduce shadows and brighten up the image. When recording videos, you can also zoom more easily by swiping up and down with your finger. We've got a more in-depth rundown of the features you can expect in this version from the release of the beta version.

It's not clear if you'll need an app update for the new features to be available, or if they're stealthily included in the last update to be activated remotely. At any rate, the features are supposed to be live on Android today. iOS will get them later.

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