As you probably already know, the Galaxy Note7 hasn't exactly had a great launch, thanks to its tendency to explode. As a result, Samsung was forced to quickly redesign and produce millions of Note7s to send to owners with affected models. The Korean company prioritized replacements for owners with defective Note7s, and new sales were reported to restart on October 21st. However, things are moving more quickly than that; T-Mobile will resume sales on October 5th.

In two days, T-Mobile customers will be able to strut into T-Mobile stores, hand over some cash, and walk out with a new, green battery icon-equipped Galaxy Note7. T-Mobile customers aren't the first to be able to do so, though; Verizon and Sprint reportedly began selling new units on September 21st, although Sprint's website currently says that all colors of the Note7 are out of stock.

For those of you with defective T-Mobile Note7s, you can still return the phone without a restocking fee and get a refund on any Note7 accessories you bought from T-Mobile. If you choose to get a replacement, you can still receive a $25 bill credit. Pre-order bonuses (Netflix subscription, Gear Fit 2, or 256GB microSD) can be kept regardless of which route you take.