The Fitbit Charge 2 is already available and the Flex 2 isn't that far behind, but if you don't want to pay for a new activity tracker and you don't mind getting a refurb unit then you might be interested in Woot's deal today.

5 Fitbit models are up on sale on the site in various colors and band sizes. They're refurbished units, so you only get the charger and the tracker in a bag, no original box or manual or USB syncing plug. But that shouldn't be a problem because setup and sync work with your Android phone. A 60-day replacement warranty is provided so you can get a new tracker, no questions asked, if you have a defective unit.

The models range from the super old Fitbit One, which I'm still rocking by the way, to the top-of-the-line Fitbit Surge with GPS and compass. There are also Fitbit's popular Flex and Charge HR, and the lesser interesting regular Charge. With firmware updates bringing many new features to these "old" trackers, I think they're still relevant even compared to the new releases. For example, the Flex can automatically detect sleep now whereas it couldn't at launch, and the Charge HR got exercise recognition à la Blaze as well as Caller ID support through an update.

Here are the discounted prices for the various models:

  • Fitbit One: $99.95 new -> $39.99 refurb
  • Fitbit Flex: $79.95 new -> $37.99 refurb
  • Fitbit Charge: $109.95 -> $56.99 refurb
  • Fitbit Charge HR: $129.95 -> $74.99 refurb
  • Fitbit Surge: $249.95 -> $119.99 refurb

The Surge seems to be the most interesting deal, though that Flex at $40 and One at $38 are quite tempting even if they don't seem like cool trackers anymore. And even though the Charge HR is the least discounted of the bunch, proportionally, it's still one of Fitbit's most popular trackers to date thanks to its small'ish profile and continuous heart rate monitor. The sale is valid today only or until supplies last, so you better make up your mind quick if you want one of these.