We know just about all there is to know about the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL. Well, except exactly how much each model will cost - that one has remained elusive, even as we're a mere two days from the official launch. But hardware-wise, we know Google's new top-tier devices will feature Snapdragon 821 chipsets, likely four-carrier US compatibility, 32 or 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, 12MP and 8MP rear and front cameras, USB-C ports, and 5 and 5.5" displays. The only real differences will come in regard to price, display resolution and size, and battery capacity.

The smaller Pixel is expected to start at $649 for the 32GB model. That gets you a 5" 1080p Super AMOLED display and a 2770mAh battery. We don't know how much the larger XL will cost, but that upgrades you to a 5.5" Quad HD Super AMOLED screen and a 3450mAh battery, with all other specifications being equal to the smaller Pixel.

The standard Pixel will be the smallest Nexus phone since 2013's Nexus 5, while the Pixel XL will be smaller than both the Nexus 6 and the outgoing Nexus 6P. Both phones will also allegedly offer financing options (at least in the US) to help break up the rather high MSRP over a longer term, likely in the hopes that this will alleviate sticker shock. Also, notable: there is no 64GB model for either device. It's the standard 32GB or a bump to the full 128. Both phones will be available in up to three colors: Quite silver, Very black, and Really blue.

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