I don't "read" news anymore. If you saw what my Gmail inbox looks like every morning, you'd understand why reading something, anything really, other than the 300 or so emails we get at Android Police every day is a bit of an optimistic dream that I stopped entertaining a long time ago. I do listen to news though, in the form of podcasts that I've cherry-picked to my preferences and that I enjoy while driving or walking.

Back when I did read the news though, Flipboard was something I liked. It had a beautiful magazine-style approach, interesting articles and curated collections, and a large user base, which is crucial when your whole news network relies on user interactions and content too.

I'm not sure how popular Flipboard still is nowadays, but it has reached 500 Million downloads on the Play Store. That's a huge milestone that only a few apps can tout, so congrats on that, Flipboard team!

According to AppBrain, the app got to that number on September 12, so we're a little late with our reporting. Guess no one told us the news, ey, Flipboard?